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BOSS Inside You

It’s time to take control and get your time back.

Create FREE and EASY remodeling estimates in minutes.

Go BOSS to turn your estimates into Professional proposals.

You Got 99 Problems

bidding jobs shouldn’t be one of them


Create a ballpark estimate in just a few clicks with our field tested templates & data


Customize the pre-filled estimate, built on decades of industry experience, to reflect your costs & verbiage


Easily send branded, professional proposals to your clients, making you look good

The Difference

Built By Actual Contractors

This app is a result of over 100 combined years of industry knowledge and data.

We’ve taken everything we know, formed a team of really smart people, and put it all together into BOSS: the simpliest and most accurate estimating and proposal software out there. Bid more jobs in less time and look good doing it!

The Story

Be Dwayne, Be Boss

“It used to take me 4 hours to bid a master bathroom. With Bid Like A Boss, it’s now 25 minutes. It’s giving me a big part of my life back. The most significant change I’ve ever had in my business.”

The Way

Completely Mobile Friendly

Walk through with a client the first meeting, put some rough details into the calculator and you can give them a ballpark estimate immediately.

Spend a little more time adjusting costs and proposal descriptions, all on your smart phone, and you have a professional proposal ready to e-mail or print, on the spot.


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Per Month
  • Quick, Easy Calculator
  • Accurate Estimate
  • Customize Estimate Cost & Verbiage
  • Have Multiple Jobs
  • Have Multiple Clients
  • Branded, Exportable Proposal
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Per Month
  • Quick, Easy Calculator
  • Accurate Estimate
  • Customize Estimate Cost & Verbiage
  • Multiple Jobs
  • Multiple Clients
  • Branded, Exportable Proposal